Pilates & Yoga

“Movement is a medicine”

I strongly believe that movement has heeling benefits: it can help us to de-stress and put apart our problems and unwind and make wonders with the posture and with the back. In terms of physical healing effect, both yoga and Pilates can help relieve problems related to the posture or alleviate back pain.

Strengthening core muscles and release muscles around the hip area can make a true miracle for helping the lover back while working on re-strengthening the back upper back muscles stretching the tightness from the chest and shoulder area can help alleviate problems of neck and shoulders.

While yoga is placing accent beside the spiritual aspect of the movement on the flexibility Pilates is a program more focused in toning core muscles. Does not matter if you choose yoga or Pilates, you will experience benefits both in your body and in mind.


This is an open level class for everyone, with modifications for strong beginners and intermediate students. Pilates is beneficial for toning glutes legs and abdominal muscles. It is helping also to stretch out the tightness from your hip and from your shoulders however we will not go so intense into stretching as we would go in yoga. Pilates is suitable for you if you look to get toned and have a varied fun and precise workout.

Vinyasa Yoga (Hip opening)

Vinyasa yoga is a more dynamic way of practising taking care of linking the breath with movements for a balanced practice. Classes are always focused on arriving at peak poses. For this night-time class, I will select more hip opening and calming posture with a longer meditation and pranayama practice.

Orsolya Nagyistok
Yoga Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer
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